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Our Focus

Medical treatment

We provide medial exams and treatment for a number of ocular problems including refraction and prescription of glasses, cataract surgery, telemedicine for diabetic and retina diagnosis and treatment, ocular oncology treatment, etc.

Amazon Cataract Surgery

The Amazon area has much higher prevalence of blindness (4.8%) when compared to São Paulo (1.5%), the most developed city of the country. IPEPO performs periodical campaigns targeting cataract and uncorrected refractive errors, the main causes for blindness and visual impairment in the Brazilian Amazon.

Medical Education

Ipepo provides medical education for residents, fellows and ophthalmologists. Every year Ipepo provides a course with 4 to 6 month duration in an specific area (retina, glaucoma, pediatric ophthalmology, etc).

Ocular Oncology

Ipepo supports the largest ocular oncology project in Latin America, with centers in São Paulo and Manaus, diagnosing and treating more than 600 new patients every year, with more than 6.000 medical visits. The most common ocular cancers treated are melanomas and carcinomas of the eye.

Our Vision

100% philanthropic. 100% transparent

The institute is run by an executive board regulated by a board of directors. The president and members of the board are volunteers and receive no monetary compensation for their work. The IPEPO also has a fiscal board that is responsible for approving the finances of the institution.

Ophthalmology in the Amazon

IPEPO impact

1 Million

Patients examined in IPEPO ophthalmology programs.


Cataract surgeries performed.


Ocular oncology consultations provided to patients with ocular cancer.

Our Amazon cataract expedition